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For Individuals

We help you materialize your desired positive impacts

Concrete actions

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Finance trees
for 3,50 €/tree (VAT excluded)

10 trees are equivalent to
1 ton of CO2e*

tree planting
and growing

Select the number of trees and mention the program of your preference

(minimum of 10 trees).


You will receive a certificate with the information of species,  how much carbon you are helping to sequester, and access to our monitoring & reporting tools. 

*Depending on species, soil, climate conditions, and management, we estimate that within our programs a tree sequesters from 70 to 210 kg of CO2e per tree during its lifetime (30 years).

That is, it takes 5 to 14 grown trees to reach one ton of CO2e.

Subscription plans

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Monthly support
a program & regenerative farming

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35 €/month

(VAT excluded)

An equivalent of

10 trees and an indicative of

1 ton of CO2e

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70 €/month

(VAT excluded)

An equivalent of 20 trees and an indicative of

2 tonnes of CO2e

Compensate your carbon footprint

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Compensate your carbon footprint

Compensate your emissions through the purchase of carbon certificates or climate contributions

We are aware that climate change is a complex problem and that calculating its own pollution may not be an easy task. That said, we are project-oriented and therefore, our approach is to translate complexity into straightforward metrics to support action.

If you are willing to make a  step towards compensation, we propose to use simple ratios to allow you to materialize the compensation for your flights and your lifestyle.


For example, for a round trip on regional flights (European scale), we advise considering 1 tonne of CO2e; for intercontinental flights, you can apply 2 to 3 tonnes of CO2e. For travels across the world, bigger than 14 hours of direct flights,  you can account for 3 to 6 tonnes of CO2e. These values consider only the emissions of flights and do not cover the other transports you may use, energy, food, water and  waste.

If you don't appreciate those shortcuts, you can reach out to us, and use recognized available tools for a full understanding of your footprint.

Services included



Tree planting and climate contributions or offsetting certificates.

Engagement in the climate-friendly space, compensate for your impact and support the regenerative economy.

Access to knowledge:

Know your tree, ecosystem,  models, and farmers. You will be invited to join the roundtables 1-2 per year.

Acces to information: Updates on the satellite platform - Direct information about the project activities & achievements.

Learn about sustainability and how we can change paradigms through our collective knowledge community and additional training options.

Engage in a process of becoming climate positive in the long term - our horizon is at least 30 years!

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