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How can I engage my company?

Concrete actions

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Finance trees
for 3,50 €/tree (VAT excluded)

10 trees are equivalent to

1 ton of CO2e*

tree planting
and growing

Select a number of trees and mention the program of your preference (minimum of 10 trees). You will receive a certificate with information on biodiversity, planting systems, carbon sequestration, and access to our monitoring & reporting tools. 



*Depending on species, soil, climate conditions, and management, we estimate that within our programs a tree sequesters from 70 to 210 kg of CO2e per tree during its lifetime (30 years).

That is, it takes 5 to 14 grown trees to reach one ton of CO2e.

Subscription plans

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Monthly support
a program & organic farming

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70 €/month

(VAT excluded)

An equivalent of

20 trees and an indicative of

2 tons of CO2e

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210 €/month

(VAT excluded)

An equivalent of

60 trees and an indicative of

6 tons of CO2e

Special needs

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Compensate your carbon footprint

For offsetting  and insetting get in touch with us to see our portfolio

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Let’s meet to design the mechanisms that would be the best fit to your needs in terms of impact and goals.

Services included


Tree planting and climate contributions or carbon credits certificates.

Engage in the climate-friendly space, compensate for your impact and give your organization sustainability leadership exposure.

Acces to knowledge:



Know-your-community collaborative methodology –  join the roundtables.

Acces to information - Updates on satellite platform - Direct information about the programmes activities & achievements.

Acces to training offers: Learn about sustainability and how we can change paradigms.

Acces to advisory on climate neutrality strategy and implementation – quantification, reduction, reporting & marketing.

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