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Cerrado's National Day

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

11 September was Brazilian's National day of Cerrado - the second largest Biome in Brazil.

Cerrado, usually known as the Brazilian Savanna, is an incredibly rich Biome, that encompasses a variety of landscapes and fauna and flora species, even though it is generally associated with open fields and isolated trees. Its biodiversity includes several native grasses, extraordinary tortuous trees, and also dense forests - habitats of a remarkable variety of fauna species.

Sadly, Cerrado is suffering from intense indexes of deforestation, and its surface covered by monocultures is progressevely increasing.

To contribute to the creation of alternative paths, Ubá develops ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture projects within Cerrado' surface. In the picture, Gabriel Nascimento conducts a drone image-assisted diagnostics in a Cerrado's area.


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