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Ana Primavesi 
Sustainable Farming and Restoration Program



The carbon program aims to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, contribute to income generation through biodiverse production systems, and increase the provision of ecosystem services in the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado biomes.

Operations are made possible by the sale of carbon credits generated through the implementation of two main activities: Forest Restoration and Agroforestry Systems.

In environmental terms, the Program has the potential to remove 292.569 tCO2e from the atmosphere and contribute to an increase in biodiversity, generating direct impacts on the fauna and flora of the Biomes.

The plantations carried out also have the potential to positively impact around 374 people, by contributing to the environmental suitability of the property and co-financing the implementation of sustainable production systems


Access here the Program's folder! .

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Implement and maintain

2'000 ha over 41 years

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Atlantic Forest and Cerrado Biomes

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Different methodologies of 


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Different methodologies of 


Program is registered under Verra registry (ID 4841) and going through validation for VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) and CCB (Climate, Community and Biodiversity) certification. 


The Program page in Verra Registry can be accessed here.

Ubá's Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.

If you want to join the Program or want to share a comment please write to

Formal comments and concerns can also be send to

Instituto Ubá de Sustentabilidade, Brasil, Rua Prudente de Morais, n 2 135, CEP.: 14 020-055 Ribeirão Preto, SP.

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